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Call Collections Skills & Credit Control Workshops

Our 'CC' workshops & training programmes are designed to benefit both new and inexperienced controllers and debt collectors, as well as more experienced and knowledgeable staff, and in any discipline.

We pride ourselves on listening carefully to what our clients want in order to meet their specific aims and objectives.

All our workshops can be constructed and modified according to any unique and specific requirements you may have, and can be achieved through our modular approach to building the training programme you desire.

Topics are associated with the natural flow of business - i.e. First assess your customers, invoice and collect, then, when in doubt, use tougher measures:

Telephone Collections Techniques - getting the cash in through our 'Three Keys to Success' collections methods. We instill vital collections and call skills and techniques in your collections teams in order to get the best cash recovery results from every client you have. And we prove you can do this without alienating or losing hard won customers by ill thought through and often 'old established' and tired, harsher, tactics.

Risk Assessment - controlling and monitoring customers and clients through an understanding of the financial and trading analysis processes of your prime and sub-prime business. We advocate setting and managing credit limits using the financial instruments available in the UK. You can then modify your understanding by other means, both of an objective and subjective nature, in support of your desire to build a better business, since all your customers and clients are your 'life blood'.

Debt Recovery - understanding the processes involved in taking collections through the ultimate step of using the courts when reluctance to pay is also taken to the ultimate. And also in the use of a Collection Agent to take the stress, anxiety, lost time and lost money out of the equation when short of both means and resources.

We look forward to hearing from you and to discussing your specific interests.

Please e-mail: for further information or to discuss requirements.