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Mission and Values

Our continuing mission is to be an extension of your business by providing training and skills development programmes and workshops, delivered predominantly on customer site, plus supporting Credit Management actions from an extensive portfolio of recovery services.

CCS has been delivering skills development workshops - predominantly in credit control - to a vast number of clients, large and small, some very well known, others much less so – but all based mostly in the UK – providing much needed help and support in the quest for greater efficiencies in debtor control and management, reducing credit risks and improving cash flows.

For almost three decades, we have been converting credit ‘staff’ into credit ‘stars’, providing individuals and teams with crucial knowledge, know-how, skills and techniques for the utmost professional control and management of the debtors ledger. In other words by: Maximising Cash and Minimising Trade Risks.

Additionally, we are now able to include a total Debt Recovery credit management service in our portfolio of client support opportunities. Something we have wanted to be able to do for some considerable time. Fortunately, through our association with one of the best recovery specialists in the business, we can now remove all your worries about cash flow since our associate is able to tackle any problem you may be facing in regard to managing payment of your invoices.

Please e-mail: for further information or to discuss requirements.