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Mission and Values

Now in our 25th year, we deliver bespoke, specific, credit control skills development training programmes and workshops - on client site by experienced, skilled, credit professional trainers and facilitators - for maximum reward and benefit.

Our approach is to deliver a thoroughly interactive and practical training experience, ensuring that the learning is fully captured and fully internalised the most important and often most underrated aspect of any training programme

We continue to give our clients valuable skills development experiences and opportunities which work. This ensures that our clients continue to return to us in order to sustain ‘excellence in the work place’.

Our mission? Is to become an extension of your business by fully understanding all your credit control related people skills development needs, for a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

Our Values? These are based on our commitment to supporting all our customers, large and small, and include: quality, functionality, deliverability, acceptability and true capability. We also believe we offer practical services that are inspirational, challenging and rewarding.