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As we begin 2019, it is worth reminding ourselves of the benefits of continuing investment in employee training and development.

Offering skills development training programmes while ‘on the job’ helps to ensure happiness ‘in the job’. This leads in turn to greater profits and security for the future of your business.

By developing positive attitudes through training that motivate and inspire, these are the fundamental elements for success. Positivity, happiness and well-being, are the catalysts for creativity and inspiration that drives business forward, resulting in greater profits and rewards for everyone.

People Development = Business Development!


  • Better Credit Control and Debtor Management is still the number one focus for business in the current economic climate
  • Budget plans – vital to include employee development programmes

Bespoke Training

  • Training programmes are developed after extensive discussion with our clients
  • Our aim is to meet your aims and objectives 100%
  • We specialise in delivering on-site training
  • Date & Times can be chosen to reduce disruption and impact on your business
  • Training programmes are bespoke and specific to your needs


  • Our trainers are highly valued and regarded, with experience and qualifications in:
    • Debt Collection
    • Credit Management
    • Risk Management
    • Risk Analysis
    • Finance
    • Team Building
    • Customer Care
    • Time Management
  • We have:
      • Graduate members of the Institute of Credit Management
      • NVQ Trainer/Assessor status from level 1 to 4
      • All trainers are sought after with proven track records

    Benefits of Our Training

    • Identifiable financial benefits
    • More motivated, confident, effective and productive employees
    • Staff are happier at what they do
    • We believe in people - our skills development workshops ensure your people believe in themselves
    • Our training programmes are often the most rewarding steps you and your employees will take