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'Excellence is not a matter of chance but of choice'

Advanced Telephone Collection Skills

This particular two day workshop has been designed to address the needs of those whose daily role is intensive telephone customer (trade or consumer) contact, in order to maximise CASH FLOWS and CUSTOMER SERVICE. A major feature of the day is the opportunity for each candidate to gain extensive personal benefit from making—and receiving—calls but in a safe and supportive environment. At the end of the workshop attendees should be in possession of vastly superior techniques and skills aimed at improving levels of competence AND confidence when dealing with customers - in particular, customers who can sometimes be angry, abusive, challenging and awkward.

Day One

The Cost of Credit

This deals with DSO (Days Sales Outstanding). A measure of the efficiency of the credit department directly related to speed of collection, and its effect on the business

The Ideal Credit Controller

Attendees are asked to give their thoughts on the behavioural quality, skills, aptitude and abilities of the ideal credit controller

3 Keys

3 keys to success in collections! What you need to be successful!!

Influencing and Assertiveness

How assertive are you? What is your influencing style?
Developing an assertive belief system. Understanding your rights.

Call Planning Exercise

Workshop - planning your telephone calls. Questions, gathering information. Planning outcome and results.

The Successful Telephone Call

Workshop - opening and body of the call and closing effectively. Techniques and strategies for controlling the call. Dealing effectively with delaying tactics. Handling the reasons for non payment. Valuable tips and techniques. Communicating, Listening, Questioning.

Other Collection Methods

Interactive discussion on other methods of collection

Negotiation Techniques

  • Stage 1 - what is negotiating all about? Making sure you get the other parties full list.
  • Stage 2 - the negotiation see-saw - understanding that negotiation is a two way process.
  • Stage 3 - how to behave when things go wrong - dealing effectively with emotions.


How and when to escalate problem issues effectively - both internally and externally Interactive session

Reasons For Non Payment (2)

Role play - Imaginary telephone calls to your own problem customers. Exploring and putting into practice new skills and techniques

Logic, Emotion and Power

Dealing with excuses The use of Logic, Emotion and Power to make your collections more effective. Interactive discussion on the above

1st Day Review

  • Review of individual objectives

  • Preparation for the second day

Day Two

Introduction and Objectives

  • Question Time - selling the soul

  • Individual Objectives Discussed

  • Course Objectives Outlined - SWIMMING POOL analogy

In at the Deep End

  • Individuals to deal with a given customer situation (ALL ROLE-PLAY SCENARIOS ARE TAPED)

  • Scenarios ‘1’

  • Group review and analysis of taped scenarios

Self Analysis

  • Bad/difficult experiences shared and discussed

  • Competence Matrix - essential requirements for excellence in performance - attitude, motivation, knowledge, skills etc.

  • Individuals to complete a self honesty audit:

  • SWOT Analysis. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

The Successful Call

  • The basic model

  • Role play Scenarios ‘2’

Team (Group) Analysis

  • Team Audit

  • What works - best approach - key features - ‘rules’

  • Practice makes perfect - future audits - the Team approach

Closing Session

  • Analysis and assessment of performance

  • Final review and discussion by trainer(s) - feedback and learning

  • Completion of action plans and ‘mentor’ agreements

This workshop is the second day of a two-day modular programme on ’Telephone Collection Techniques’. The two days complementing each other to form an essential advanced collections skills development tool for both experienced staff or those relatively new to Credit and Collections.

Managers also find ATTENDING this workshop useful to both update and gauge their own understanding of the techniques and issues involved and to further support their teams in pursuit of excellence in Credit Control.

Please e-mail: for further information or to discuss requirements.