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Introduction to Credit Control Workshop

This foundation workshop, intended for new and inexperienced credit controllers and team members, is an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills regarding the key fundamental activities of the credit control function. Whilst the course is primarily designed for those new to credit control, the content can be readily enhanced to cater for those already with some knowledge of credit and collections procedures but who would like to develop their skills still further.

Introduction and Objectives

  • Candidates should give their current level of credit experience and knowledge

  • Objectives of the day explored and explained

Part One - What is Credit Control?

  • Why have credit control?

  • The role and responsibilities of credit control

  • How the credit function fits into the bigger picture

  • Business objectives and the importance of cash flow

  • The ideal credit controller

Part Two - Measuring Credit Control and Individual Performance

  • DSO/Debtor Days

  • Aged Debt

  • Goals, targets and priorities

  • Monitoring performance and effectiveness

  • Measuring cash and cash flow

Part Three - Collecting Debt

The Call

  • Collection tools available

  • Collection strategies

  • Call planning

  • Successful telephone calls

  • Getting to the decision maker

  • Managing the collection process

  • Escalation techniques

Reasons for non payment
a) Excuses - Dealing with excuses
b) Reasons - Handling queries and issues

Part Four - Communication

  • Relationships with your customers

  • Relationships with sales and sales administration

  • Conflicting priorities

  • Handling conflict

Part Five - Time Management

  • Managing your day

  • Priorities

  • Meeting commitments

  • Being effective

Part Six - Pre Sale Activity

  • The need for credit limits

  • Credit vetting

  • Using agencies

  • Getting results

Part Seven - Other Matters

  • Retention of Title

  • Legal collections appreciation

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