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'Excellence is not a matter of chance but of choice'

Coaching The Credit Team

Day One

Introduction and Objectives

  • Team Introductions & 'icebreaker'

  • Individual Objectives and Expectations

  • Course Objectives

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Short 'Coaching' introduction exercise

The need/case for coaching in modern business

  • Working with change

  • Traditional views of coaching + Coaching in a business context
    - differences
    - issues
    - relationships

  • Reasons/Excuses for not Coaching

  • How do you like to be managed and coached? Why?

  • Why coach?

Defining coaching and coach characteristics

  • What it is and how might we determine effective coaching

  • What is a coach?

  • What makes an effective coach?

Coaching Techniques

  • Directive/non directive coaching

Fulfilling potential in others

  • What is the definition of Coaching?

  • The Coaching Structure

  • Understanding Empowerment

Key Skills

  • Listening Skills

  • Understanding communication and Body Language

  • Awareness/discovery – Questioning Techniques

The Grow Model

  • The Grow Model – Topic, Goal, Reality, Options, Wrap Up

  • Awareness of the common pitfalls in coaching

Conclusion of Day One

  • Assessment and review

  • Prepare for Day Tw

Day Two

  • A – Z Exercise – Recap on first day


  • Individuals to deal with a given coaching situation

  • Scenarios ‘1’

  • Group review and feedback

Self Analysis

  • Competence Matrix

  • Individuals to complete a self honesty audit. Review SWOT Analysis

The Successful Coaching Session

  • The basic model – Manage the Coaching Session

  • Role play Scenarios ‘2’

Team (Group) Analysis

  • Team Audit

  • What works - best approach - key features - ‘rules’

Putting it all together and getting things done

  • Practice makes perfect – the future – setting it down

Closing Session

  • Analysis and assessment of performance

  • Final review and discussion by trainer(s) - feedback and learning -

  • Completion of action plans and ‘mentor’ agreements