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'Excellence is not a matter of chance but of choice'

Time Management Skills

A series of workshops on essential time management, at all levels. Helping people to become better at what they do through good time management.

  • Why is good time management important?

  • The importance of effective management of our time

  • Time wasters exercise - part one

  • Self assessment/behaviour analysis

  • Procrastination - what it is and why do we do it?

  • How can we reduce the amount of procrastination in our lives

About Time Management and You

  • Prioritising - establishing the aims and objectives of your job. Identifying Key Performance Areas (KPAs)

  • Prioritising tasks exercise

  • Goal setting

  • Planning your day

  • Ideal day exercise

  • Prime Time - maximising your contribution

  • Time wasters exercise - part two

  • Working with others and good boss exercise

  • Dealing with interruptions and desk organisation

  • The art of good delegation

  • Meetings - what goes wrong at meetings

  • Meetings - factors for effective meetings, preparation, agenda, people, environment, timings etc

Working With Others

  • Analysis