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'Excellence is not a matter of chance but of choice'

Accounts Payable

This concentrated and highly focused day is ideally suited to those who already have experience of the job but desire further development training in order to understand AP from a wider context and to enhance current skills. The course deals with issues and topics related to 'opposite numbers' in Credit Control plus covering key areas in finance including cash flows and budgets. Participants will also gain from some broader knowledge related to building commercial awareness.

Introduction and Objectives

  • Introductions & 'icebreaker'

  • An opportunity to share your current level of Accounts Payable experience and knowledge in order to look at key individual objectives

  • Sharing issues and objectives

Working Capital

  • Appreciation of the cash 'merry go round'

  • Video Arts - the 'fun' way to learn about cash flows and the bigger picture

Book Keeping

  • Comprehend the 'wider picture'. The scope, complexity and workings of the accounting processes - how it all 'fits in'

  • Budgets
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Credit Control
  • Management Accounts
  • Costing
  • Double Entry
  • Capital coding
  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Plus Exercises and Workshops

The Role of the AP Controller

Recognising the importance of Accounts Payable. Role and key responsibilities - how what you do makes a difference.

  • We shall look at the purpose of the AP Function and why good professional AP Control is important to your business.

Workshop - working in pairs - attendees will be expected to consider the above and to explore and share their ideas and thoughts on this topic with the rest of the group

Interactive session - Discussion on goals and goal setting including deciding on key objectives together with relevant performance parameters

3 Keys to Success

  • What you need to be successful. The three key areas that must be in place for you to be able to succeed in what you do

Interactive Session - attendees to give consideration to the key elements of achieving success at AP


This series of workshops will be used to review the techniques and skills of good communication related to business needs. We will be looking at personal issues regarding your contribution using the telephone, meetings, one-to-one discussions, and other forms of communication.

  • What is communication and how do we communicate?

Workshop - working in small teams - attendees will be expected to consider the above and to explore and share their ideas and thoughts on this topic with the rest of the group

  • First contact and how helpful are you?

Workshop - list the points you would look for from someone providing you with a service and complete the scoring form - 'when dealing with people'

  • The VOICE tool in communication and its importance


  • Listening Skills - how to develop this vitally important skill

Exercise - The group will be tasked with an exercise to highlight the need for good listening related to good communication

  • Body language and non-verbal means of communicating - mannerisms

Workshop - to list the methods of non-verbal communication used in conveying a message

The Negotiation Process

  • Understanding the principles of negotiating - 'a skill for life'.
    How good a negotiator are you?

Workshop + Exercise

  • Principles and strategies of good negotiating - dealing with awkward and challenging 'supplier' situations and overcoming objections


  • Looking for variables - application and learning 'trading not conceding'

Exercises - Interactive Session

  • A fair deal for both sides - negotiating successfully with your suppliers - every time!

Role Play Session

  • Appreciation of the principles applied to role-play scenarios - feedback - critique etc.

  • Role-play - As AP and CC Professionals


Closing Session

  • Recap on events and on meeting individual expectations.

  • SWOT analysis - and completion of Action Plans

  • Completion of course appraisal forms

  • Course close