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'Excellence is not a matter of chance but of choice'

Advanced Credit Risk Management One-Day Workshop

Intended for credit risk assessment professionals. The workshop enables credit professionals to share and develop their skills in financial credit risk assessement.

Introduction and Objectives

  • Introductions & 'icebreaker'

  • An opportunity to share your current level of financial ‘credit risk’ knowledge and experience to look at key individual objectives for the day

Recap on Key Decision Making Information

  • Company Financial Statements, Balance Sheet, P&L etc., Business Plans, Management Accounts, Cash Flow Forecasts.

  • Assessing and Identifying all your customers; types of business organisation; trade and bank references; generic credit reports; Company Accounts, etc.

  • Reviewing the pointers to financial health; ratios and trends; the way forward to understanding the elements and extent of all financial risk

Recap on Risk Ratios & Risk Assessment Techniques

  • Reviewing key financial ratios and what they tell us about a business

  • The decision making process - setting Your Credit Line/Limits

Credit Scoring

  • Background and purpose
  • Systems and Methods - designing a Scoring System

  • Linking scoring to setting credit limits (the decision making process)

Familiarisation Case Study

  • Reviewing and analysing key financial information using complex accounting statements. Analysing trends in order to predict growth or failure – foretelling the future and setting your trading parameters

Risk Assessment Ratios – Basic to Complex

  • Appreciation of commercial accounts ratio analysis

  • Series of exercises to fully familiarise with advanced analytical techniques in order to enhance corporate CREDIT RISK decision making

Advanced Risk Assessment Methods

  • Investor analysis & techniques – p/e ratio, EPS, Yields, Cover etc
  • FT indexes, FT100, FT 250 etc., discussed

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Takeovers, MBO’s etc.

Business Game – ‘Winning Strategies’

  • Introducing the Business Game
  • Getting started – Financial ‘Risk’ Analysis, SWOT analysis, Forecasting, Strategic Thinking

  • Initial Presentation to the board (1)
  • Choosing the right strategy - risk assessment/further analysis, decision making, anticipated outcome and justification

  • Final Presentation to the board (2)
  • Review of choice and an appraisal of alternative strategies

Closing Session

  • Recap on events of the course and on meeting individual expectations

  • Action Plans

  • Completion of course appraisal forms

  • Course close