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'Excellence is not a matter of chance but of choice'

Assertiveness Skills

This workshop deals with learning to speak confidently in and to a group - saying how you feel without feeling awkward - stating your rights and influencing situations - looking at behaviours that work and recognising and dealing with negative thoughts and attitudes. I & AS is about your contribution and its importance and relevance in meetings and in all types of group situations, including one to one. This course covers all the key issues related to self belief, confidence and self esteem.

  • The development of an assertive belief system - why do we need a system?

  • Looking at our own attitudes, values and opinions

  • Influencing styles - what is your style?

  • The assertiveness and responsive hierarchy - how do you measure up?

  • Influencing target

  • Looking at the contrasts between submissive and aggressive behaviours. Achieving a balance through honesty and good communication

  • Identifying and controlling fear

  • Personal strengths and weaknesses - an exercise to develop and practice self-awareness and self-disclosure

  • How assertive are you? - development and practice at being assertive

  • Workshop - discussion and completion of an assertiveness skills exercise - to be reviewed as part of a group plenary

  • Getting what you want without the need for compromise, through gaining agreement and co-operation

  • Assertiveness related to the level of confidence - confidence related to success - three keys to success

  • Role plays and exercises to re-inforce personal commitment and to help deal with a challenging situation

  • Closing session - review and assessment of personal benefit - completion of action plans