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Bespoke Training

The course outlines you will find on this web site are not 'off the shelf' but are more precisely 'stakes in the ground' offering relatively detailed information of what can be expected, having chosen a particular topic.

Most courses and workshops are the result of considerable dialogue between CCS and Client in order to establish and agree a suitable and unique training solution.

Our knowledge, experience, resources and absolute commitment to all our clients guarantees that not only will each course or workshop accurately reflect the training requirement, but we know you will be delighted with the results.

We hope to hear from all who have a training requirement, including small businesses, where we are also able to cater for very small groups.

Credit Control Consultancy Support

'Healthcheck' and 'Healthcheck Plus':
We offer a 'made to measure', impartial and independent review 'Healthcheck' on your Credit Control Function.

The review is designed to provide you with a detailed assessment of all procedures and systems from pre-sales risk assessment and collection to final payment.

Our 'Healthcheck Plus', including the above review and report, enables you to select further from a list of complementary supporting services which include: Credit Policy, Credit Procedures, Job Descriptions, Job Plans, Recruitment, Risk Assessment Systems etc. For further info ...

Policy & Procedures:
We have the knowledge and expertise to define your Company Credit Policy in a formal report which expresses the extent, limitations and responsibilities of all those functions involved in, and with, Credit Control - Sales, Sales Administration, Accounting, Treasury, Shipping, Production, Management and Credit Function. Click on image below to see a sample policy. For further info ...

Credit Computer Systems:
To make the most of your credit computer system and to ensure your expectations are being met regarding service, facilities, reporting and support, we can help by assessing your current system and procedures, and where necessary advising on an alternative solution.